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Bridge Beam Girder Launcher

Bridge beam girder launcher crane

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Bridge beam girder launcher

Bridge beam girder launcher crane is a device that places prefabricated beam pieces onto prefabricated piers. Bridge beam girder launcher crane  belongs to the category of cranes because its main function is to lift the beam and then transport it to the position and then lower it. But it is very different from the crane in the general sense. The conditions required are harsh and there are movements on the beam, or longitudinal. Bridge-building machines are divided into road bridges, conventional railway bridges, and passenger railway bridges.

Bridge beam girder launcher crane  is mainly composed of bridge frame, cart running mechanism, trolley, and electrical equipment. According to the frequency of use, it is divided into three working levels: A5, A6 and A7. The action of the hook bridge crane is all completed in the driver.

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