Bridge Girder Erection Gantry Crane

Bridge Girder Erection Gantry Crane

Bridge girder erection gantry crane

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Bridge girder erection gantry crane

The structure of the railway Bridge girder erection gantry crane is reasonable, and the structure of the leg structure is clear; the bridge machine can pass through the hole by itself, and can also transport the hole and the transition by the beam carrier; the traveling mechanism adopts the frequency conversion technology, and the lifting mechanism adopts the stator voltage regulation technology. , to ensure smooth start and brake. The whole machine uses PLC program control technology, safe and reliable.

Bridge girder erection gantry crane Performance parameters:

Lifting capacity: 450t-900t

Applicable longitudinal slope: ≥3%

Adaptation curve radius: ≥1500m

Lifting beam longitudinal speed: 0-3m/min

Lifting beam traverse speed: 0-0.38m/min

Lifting beam lifting speed: 0-0.5m.min

Lifting height: 5.6m

No-load speed of major vehicles: 0-6m/min

Bridge bridge self-traveling speed: 0-1.5m/min

Traveling speed of the beam-driving bridge machine: 0.3km/h

Bridge girder erection gantry crane1

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