China Launcher Bridge Girder Erecting Machine

China Launcher Bridge Girder Erecting Machine

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China Launcher Bridge Girder Erecting Machine

The function and function of the components of Launcher Bridge Girder Erecting Machine:

1. Main beam: The “A” cross section is adopted, and the pin shaft is connected and assembled according to the number.

2. Lifting crane: a total of 2 sets, the lifting mechanism consists of the equipped winch and pulley block and spreader. Lifting the concrete beam completes the vertical and horizontal operation of the concrete beam and controls the installation of the concrete beam in place.

3. Front and rear support traversing wheel set and track system: Adjust the direction of the through hole of the bridge machine by supporting the lateral moving wheel set to meet the requirements of the curved bridge.

4. Roller mechanism: The mechanism for realizing the longitudinal movement of the main beam of the bridge machine.

5. Rear drive device: It acts as both a rear support and a rear drive to drive the bridge machine through hole.

6, transport beam: equipped with 2 transport beam flat cars, driving speed controlled by frequency control, to protect

7. Electrical system: The source of power of each mechanism, through the various corresponding protections, make the main circuit and control loop operate safely.

FAQ about Launcher Bridge Girder Erecting Machine

How can I get a precise crane offer?

A.To providing you a precise crane offer efficiently, please kindly provide details as following:

*a). Lifting capacity; material weight(unit as tonnage)

*b). Lifting height; (unit as meter)

*c). Crane span; the width of inquired crane(unit as meter)

d). Crane traveling length; when rail track/runway beam needed, traveling length shall be provided.

e). Working power; power source at site(unit as voltage, phase and Hz)

* with red is mean necessary for offering solution.


Launcher Bridge Girder Erecting MachineLauncher Bridge Girder Erecting Machine1Launcher Bridge Girder Erecting Machine3

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