Concrete Beam Launcher Crane

Concrete Beam Launcher Crane

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Concrete beam launcher

The bridge concrete beam launcher crane is mainly composed of a main frame, a front leg, a rear leg, an auxiliary leg, a front hanging beam car, a rear hanging beam car, an auxiliary structure, a hydraulic system, an electric system and the like.

Main technical features

       1. When the beam is used, the two-leg structure stress system and a cross-erection technology are adopted, and the force is clear and the process is simple;

       2. Simple support through holes, simple construction process and high safety;

       3. The upper layer of the front leg can be traversed and provided with a rotating mandrel. The rear leg running mechanism and the lower beam are connected by a mandrel to meet the requirements of the small curved bridge (R=600m).

       4. The running mechanism and lifting mechanism adopt frequency conversion technology, and the starting and braking are stable; the whole machine adopts PLC program control technology, which is safe and reliable;

       5. The hydraulic system adopts independent unit design, which simplifies and modularizes the system, reduces the loss along the path and power loss, and is convenient for maintenance and handling.

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