Construction Machine Tower Crane tower crane operator salary

Construction Machine Tower Crane tower crane operator salary

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Product Details
Welcome to consult construction machine tower crane tower crane operator salary price and quotation with Henan Dowell Crane Co.,Ltd, which is one of the leading construction machine tower crane tower crane operator salary manufacturers and suppliers in China, and we can offer you customized products.

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: Qtz63 (5610)

  • Condition: New

  • Type: Tower Crane

  • Tip Load: 1.3t

  • Mast Section: 1.833*1833. *2.5/1.6*1.6*2.5m

  • Max. Height: 150m

  • Power Source: Hydraulic

  • Transport Package: Nacked in Container

  • Origin: China

  • Certification: ISO9001: 2000

  • Application: Construction Usage

  • Max. Load: 6t

  • Jib Length: 56m

  • Free Standing Height: 40m

  • Sling Type: Wire Rope

  • Specification: CE

  • HS Code: 8426200

Product Description

QTZ63(TC5610) self-elevating tower crane consists of metal structure, component driving, hydraulic jack-up, electric control and safety protection device. Here is brief introduction of each part and their characteristics: The under-frame of whole machine is tightly fixed on special concrete foundation. Its upper part is connected with tower body; The upper end of tower body is connected with jack-up set frame and lower turn-table, and the surface of lower turn-table is connected with the outer ring of slewing bearing. The rotating part fixed on the inner ring of slewing bearing includes rotary upper turn-table, tower cap, balance arm, crane boom, trolley and hooks, counterweight, hoisting mechanism, slewing mechanism, and cab. These components can all rotate fully to 540° Around tower body axis line in their respective horizontal plane. The crane boom is connected with tower cap by two boom pull rods and its root is connected with upper turn-table pin. The balance arm is connected tower cap by two boom pull rods and its root is connected with upper turn-table pin. The hoisting mechanism is set at the rear of balance arm. The slewing mechanism lies on the right of rotary upper turn-table and cab on the left. The trolley and hooks are drawn by luffing mechanism close to the root of boom root, in vertical reciprocating motion along with longitudinal axis of crane boom.

QTZ63 (TC5610) tower crane

1. Max. Load: 6t
2. Jib length: 56m
3. Tip load: 1.0t
4. Free standing height: 40m
5. Max. Height: 150m
6. Mast section: 1.833*1833. *2.5/1.6*1.6*2.5m
7. Maximum rated torque (KN. M): 630
8. Reliable performance, good looks, reasonable price and advanced safety features,
Also is the ideal construction machinery of Small and medium-sized construction enterprise.

1Max. load6t
2Jib length56m
3Tip load1.0t
4Free standing height40m
5Max. height151.2m
6Size of mast section1.83×1.83 ×2.5 m
7Material of mast sectionSquare steel tube

2. Table for hoisting performance

Radius (m)3~25.842627282930313233
Load (Kgs)300029772841271425962485238222852195
Radius (m)343536373839404142
Load (Kgs)210920291952188018121748.1168616281572
Radius (m)434445464748495051
Load (Kgs)151914681420137313291286124612061169
Radius (m)5253545556    
Load (Kgs)11331098106410321000    

Table 1 Double magnification

Radius (m)3~14.71516171819202122
Load (Kgs)600057705361500046794392413339003687
Radius (m)23242525.842627282930
Load (Kgs)349333153151302330002860273026092496
Radius (m)313233343536373839
Load (Kgs)239122922199211120291951187718071741
Radius (m)404142434445464748
Load (Kgs)167815181561150614561405135713121269
Radius (m)4950515253545556 
Load (Kgs)12271187114811111075104110081000 

3. Table for technical performances

Rated lifting torquekN.m630
Max. lifting capacityt6
Working rangem3~56
Lifting HeightIndependent40.2
Lifting speedDouble magnificationm/min80/40
Quadruple magnification38/19
Slewing speedr/min0.637
Trolleying speedm/min44/22
Climbing speed0.4
Min. stable descending speed<7
Outer size of whole craneFoundation framem8×8
Overall heightIndependent50.892
Tip of jib to the slewing center56.17
Tip of balanced jib to slewing center12.39
Total weightStructure weightIndependentt40.49
Total motor capacitykW41.52
Allowed operating temperatureoC-20~+40
Power supply parameters50Hz~380V±10%

  4. Main tech data

Mechanical load factorHoisting mechanismM 5
Slewing mechanismM 4
Trolleying mechanismM 4
Hoisting mechanismmotorModelYZTD200L-2/4/20
Height limiterModelFKDX-G
Steel wire ropeModel6W19-12.5-1770-I
Max. pulling force (N)15000
Lifting Speed (m/min)80403819
Rated lifting capacity(t)1.032.46
Min. stable descending speedm/min<7
Slewing mechanismMotorModelYZR132M 2 -6
Power (kW)3.7×2
Rotation speed (r/min)908
ReducermodelXX 4 -100A
Hydraulic couplingsModelYOX250A
Hinge pins of swivelingModulus m12
Teeth z15
Displacement factor+0.5
Slewing speedr/min0.61887
Slewing bearingsStraight 4-point contact ball type bearingsModel011@45@1400
modulus m12
teeth z131
Hydraulic jacking mechanismMotorModelY132M-4B5
Power (kW)5.5
Operating press of hydraulic oil tankMpa25
Max. lifting forcet50
Cylinder strokemm1600
Mounting spacemm2070
Diameter of oil tankmmφ160
Diameter of cylinder piston rodmmφ110
Climbing speedm/min0.4
Trolleying mechanismMotorModelYDEZ132S-4/8
Power (kw)4.5/3
Steer wire ropeModel6×19-7.7-1550
Gear ratio43

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