MG double girder overhead crane supplier

MG double girder overhead crane supplier

Double girder bridge building gantry crane is widely used in outdoor warehouse, stock yard, railway freight station, harbor and more.

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Product Details

MG double girder overhead crane supplier Product Details:

Capacity: 5-900 tons                                                                                                            Span: 7-30 meters

Lifting height: 6-20 meters                                                                                                  Cantilever: Optional as your request

Work duty: A5-A8

Safety system (include but not limited to): 

  • Overload protection device

  • Limit switch

  • Phase loss protection

  • Over current protection

  • Emergency stop system

Brief introduction:

  • Double girder bridge building gantry crane is widely used in outdoor warehouse, stock yard, railway freight station, harbor and more

  • Characteristics of MG double girder gantry crane include high space utilization, large range of operation, wide application and strong commonality

  • MG gantry crane is mainly comprised of gantry frame, trolley, long traveling mechanism, electric parts and cabin.

Product details:

  • Box-shaped gantry is made of well-chosen steel and processed by advanced technology, so gantry of high intensity, rigidity, toughness and long lifespan

  • On gantry are laid the rails for cross travel and electrical cabinet

  • Cantilevers can be added for wider work range

  • Trolley is comprised of motors for lifting and traveling, brake, reducer, coiling block and electric power transmission device

  • Weather enclosure is set up to protect the inside components from wastage because of weather

  • Trolley traverses along the rails laid on the gantry for cross travel

  • Electric parts adopt international brand Schneider and Siemens to ensure accurate operation, excellent performance and convenient maintenance

  • There are two control methods for options, namely cabin control and ground control


  • Motor for lifting adapts YZP type three phases asynchronous motor and is top in China, which features large overload capacity, high machinery intensity and low noise

  • Able to provide reliable and steady power travel, and performs well with frequent start, brake and reversion

  • Frequency converter can be supplied to meet your demand

  • Wheels, gears and couplings are processed by medium-frequency quenching technology and have a great improvement in intensity, hardness, wear resistance, fatigue strength and toughness

  • Various lifting tools are for choice to meet your demand for hoisting different materials, such as grab, gantry hook, electromagnetic chuck, billet clamp and container holder


  • Electric parts and hoists are packed by high quality plywood crate to cut and to avoid loss caused by shake and collision during sea transportation

  • Girders are packed by strong plastic woven cloth to protect them from rusting in the harsh environment of high humidity

Factory overview:


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