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Bridge Crane Driver Safety Operating Procedures
- Jun 22, 2018 -

What are the general operating procedures for bridge crane drivers?

1. The driver should understand the structure, performance, working principle and main technical parameters of the crane; master the functions of the safety device and the correct method of operation; apprentices and trainers must use the full-time driver to monitor the crane, and the single person must not operate.

2. The driver must ring the warning 3 to 5s before confirming the correctness of the test before sending the electricity to the vehicle. The safety device shall be confirmed, and the problem shall be reported and handled in a timely manner. The crane is forbidden to carry the hidden trouble operation.

3. The driver must look around at the operation, pay attention to the condition of the vehicle, strictly prohibit driving on the express train, not allow a collision, prohibiting the passage of important equipment or human heads, and must issue an alert when approaching the same crane or on a heavy object running route. Signals can only be passed securely.

4. The driver has the right to refuse anyone's illegal command (including the rejection of lifting by multiple persons), but the emergency stop signal issued by any person must be implemented. We must resolutely implement the "ten do not hang."

5. When lifting a heavy object, lift about 200mm to verify that the brake is sensitive and reliable before lifting. When lifting, you must leave the ground more than 2 meters or more than 2 meters above the obstacle 0.5 meters before allowing to start the size of the car.

6. The crane cart or trolley should be slowly approaching the end point. Under normal circumstances, it is forbidden to hit a safety stop, and it is forbidden to play anti-vehicle braking. It is forbidden to stop with the limit device control agency.

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