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Bridge Crane Hook In How To Adjust And Repair Do You Know
- May 08, 2018 -

Bridge crane hook is most widely used in all kinds of lifting equipment fetch device ,it also play a crucial role in the crane lifting operations process. Bridge crane hook and movable pulley's block and tackle, which combined into an hook group,  contact the hoisting structure of flexural member work together.

According to the different shapes, hook can be divided into single hook and double hook,Large and medium-sized  bridge crane‘s main hook usually use double hook, other use single hook more.

About the adjustment of the bridge crane hook and repairing, mainly involves three sections, the first section is A - A section, on the one hand is the role of the sling tension, hook has A tendency to be straight; On the other hand also the role of the moment, because in this section of the bending moment is the largest, the bending stress is biggest, so, this is a dangerous section section. The second section is known as B - B section, under the action of sling tension, also is in danger of being straight, so this is the second danger section; The third section is called C - C section, the section above, the hook is the part of the davit the finest, has a tendency to be pulled, it is the third dangerous section.

To ensure the secure and stable operation of the hook, it is worth noting that the following several aspects.

1. Bridge crane hook should be product by a formal professional factory manufactury according to requirements of the hook technology conditions and safety norms , the manufacturer should have quality certificate.

2. The new hook should do load test, measure the hook of the opening of the mouth should not exceed 0.25% of the original opening.

3. In use process should be regularly check hook crack or serious deformation, corrosion and wear phenomenon.

4. The Bridge crane hook should be a test every year. Test with 1.25 times more likely to allow work to 10 minutes of the static load test, check with a magnifying glass or other methods, there should be no crack, crack and other residual deformation.

5. Three dangerous section using kerosene cleaning, use a magnifying glass to see whether raven. The abrasion of plate hook should check the bushing, pin.

6. Hook on the defect repair welding is not allowed.

7. Hook lift shall be set up to prevent accidental decoupling locking device.


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