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Brief Introduction Of Span Of Gantry Crane
- Sep 30, 2017 -

The bridge cranes are generally supported on two parallel tracks and run along this track. The horizontal distance between the two sides of the wheel tread surface is the span of the crane, which should be equal to the distance between the two carts of the crane Of the horizontal distance. For a crane with two-track lines on both sides, the span refers to the horizontal distance between the two sets of two-track geometric centerlines.Gantry Crane

Gantry crane crane is running on the bridge, and some crane is a boom crane. The legs on both sides of the bridge are generally rigid legs; span of more than 30 meters, often one side of the rigid legs, and the other side through the ball hinge and bridge connecting the flexible legs, so that the gantry into a static system , So as to avoid the external load due to lateral thrust caused by additional stress, but also to compensate for the longitudinal deformation of the bridge gantry crane wind area, in order to prevent the use of strong winds under the taxi or tipping, equipped with wind measuring instrument and A crane gripper for interlocking with an operating mechanism. The bridge can be either cantilevered at both ends; it can also be cantilevered at one end or both ends to expand the operating range. The semi-gantry crane has one end with a leg and the other end without a leg, running directly on a high platform.Gantry Crane

Electromagnetic cranes can produce powerful magnetic field force, dozens of tons of iron, wire, nails, scrap iron and other kinds of iron material, do not pack is not packed or bundled, can be easily collected and handled, not only Operation effort, and work is simplified. The steel material and the machine in the wooden box can be carried in the same way. Crane work, as long as the solenoid coil in the current non-stop, the weight will be sucked up will not fall, invisible magnetic than the rugged chain more reliable.Gantry Crane

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