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How To Choose The Best Crane For Your Company
- Dec 01, 2017 -

(1) the selection of single main beam and double beam gate crane should be noted:

Under normal circumstances, the weight is under 50 tons and the span is within 35m, with no special use requirement, the single main beam door crane should be used. If the width of the door is required, the work speed is high, the work frequency is high, or the heavy lifting is often used, and the double beam gate crane is suitable.

(2) span and cantilever length

The span of gantry crane is an important factor affecting the quality of crane itself. In the selection, the span should be minimized as long as the equipment is met and the span series standard is met.

(3) it can ensure that the dimensions of the goods are smoothly passed through the leg and can meet the stability requirements of the door frame along the direction of the crane.

(4) the spacing of the door type crane is determined

In the work, the external dimensions of the gantry crane and the freight and transport vehicles of the depot shall have a certain space size to facilitate the loading and unloading operations.

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