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Installation Safety Of Gantry Crane
- Oct 23, 2017 -

Bridge Crane before driving notice: No alcohol before work, no unrelated personnel to get on the bus, check whether the mechanical, electrical and safety devices are good; the car has no touch, card, hanging phenomenon; confirm all normal, ring alarm, and then power Test. Work must be concentrated, closely with the following, in operation, no smoking, eating and talking with others. Bridge crane operation in strict implementation of "Ten Not Hanging": more than the nominal negative. Gantry Crane 

The command signal is unknown; Slings and accessories are not securely tied and do not comply with safety requirements. Hanging weights are not hoisted when machined directly. Slanting pull slant hanging not hanging. The workpiece on the station or floating live animals do not hang. Inflammable and explosive articles do not hang. With edges and corners fast mouth objects are not pad. Buried objects are not hung. The cadres are not hanged in violation of command.Gantry Crane

A ladder platform is required to get off. You mustn't climb from one car to another. No walking along the track. The vehicle is not allowed to pile up activities or other items, the tool should be fixed. When there are more than two cranes in the same cross track, they are not allowed to collide with each other. When the hook is not loaded, it should be raised to one person above the height. Open-pit cranes should be fixed after completion of operation. The controller must be placed in the "0" position to cut off the power supply when handling the malfunction or leaving the car. You are not allowed to hang weights and leave the car. Stop the car at the end of the cab and lift the hook to the specified height. Carefully fill in the shift record, especially the unsafe factors must be confessed clearly.Gantry Crane

The pull wire method requires three inspectors to climb onto the main girder of the crane to make the φ0.5mm steel wire is fixed at one end of the main beam (the steel wire passes through the high block on the upper cover plate), and the other end is connected with the 15kg spring of the other side of the main beam. Then the measuring point is selected to measure the vertical distance between the steel wire and the surface of the main girder, and the camber value is calculated. This method has a greater limitation and the risk of the operator ascending this paper applies only to the detection of the arch of the main girder of the box-type double girder bridge crane, but not for the single girder bridge (door) crane and the box-type double girder bridge crane with skirt plate.Gantry Crane

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