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Safety Risk Analysis Of Lifting Operation
- Nov 24, 2017 -

The possibility of accidents

1. Characteristics of the time of the accident

Crane during the period of "life" all stages may be an accident, in carrying out its handling functions such as crane, and in the transport, installation, adjustment, maintenance, disassembly, and safety inspection of each link of the various operating mode, are likely to happen. Among them, the lifting and lifting operation and the lifting of the crane occurred the most accidents. Accidents can occur not only in the abnormal working conditions of cranes, but also in normal working conditions.

2. The danger to personnel

The on-site personnel in the range of lifting operation are in the large metal structure moving area, and the ground personnel are always in danger zone where the heavy weight will fall. The normal operation of hoisting drivers, maintenance of equipment in high altitude, the removal of crane, and safety inspection are all the dangers of high operation.

3. The sudden outburst of dangerous events

Hoisting accident, especially heavy falls and metal structure tilting collapse, most aura, as general mechanical devices can stop to make the risk events, in some cases, no collision avoidance space or escape channel.

4. Personnel characteristics of high incidence accidents

Statistics show that injured people can be drivers, stassers, and even many people who have nothing to do with lifting operations. Among them, the highest proportion of the injuries among the division workers, especially the non-formal employment and the relatively low cultural quality of the migrant workers, is the high incidence of accidents.

The severity of the consequences of a crane accident

1. Group ization of accidents

There is a big difference between lifting and moving work and one person in a small scale.

Lifting operation need people to participate in and cooperate, and some construction sites or water conservancy construction site, gathered a large construction personnel in the area of the lifting operation, often involves many people in the event of accident.

2.The accident has serious consequences

Accidents not only can cause injuries, but also can be accompanied by extensive equipment and facilities. Especially heavy weight fall and metal structure collapse instability, often cause malignant accidents. The larger the scope of the crane operation and the higher the lifting tonnage, the more serious the accident will be.

3. Concentration of accident type

Mechanical injury accident is the main accident type of lifting operation, such as heavy weight falling, flat crushing, object strike, crane tipping accident, etc. In addition, there may be electric shock or other damage caused by materials. The type of accident that can happen on a device is so much and concentrated that it is rare in any other machine.

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