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Technology: Single Beam Bridge Crane Safe Operation Instruction!
- Mar 16, 2018 -

One of the safety operation rules of single beam bridge crane: before work.

1, single girder crane with bridge, the driver to take over, before driving to hook, rope, and security devices and other parts for inspection according to the requirement of the check card, found the abnormal situation, should be ruled out.

2. Single-beam bridge crane with ground control, each class shall be responsible for checking the requirements of the spot check card, and the abnormal conditions should be excluded.

3. The operator must be able to close the main power supply when it is confirmed that no person is on the platform or track. When the power circuit breaker is locked or has a sign, it should be removed by the original owner to close the main power supply.

Single beam bridge crane safe operation rule no.2: work.

1, lifting heavy objects for the first time (or load reaches maximum weight), should be after hanging from the ground 0.5 meters high, restore the weight down, check the brake performance, after confirmation and reliable, and then to normal operation.

2. Strict implementation of the system of "no hanging" :

The command signal is not clear or the conductor is not hanged;

The weight is not hoisted when the weight is rated;

The use of the hanging tool is not reasonable or the binding of the object is not hanging;

There are people or other floating objects on the hanging objects not hanging;

The brake or other brake safety device fails to fail;

The weight of the crane is directly processed without lifting.

It is not hanging from the slant;


To be buried in the ground without lifting;

It is not easy to hang with edges and corners.

3. Find abnormal, stop immediately, cut off power supply, check the reason and eliminate it in time.

Single beam bridge crane safety operation rule no.3: after work.

1. Raise the hook to a certain height, the cart stops at the designated position, and the controller handle is placed in the "zero" position; Pull down the knife and cut off the power.

2. Carry out daily maintenance.

3. Work well in succession.

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