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The Identification Of The Sliding Contact Line And The Slip Line
- Nov 08, 2017 -

With the development of domestic economy, the domestic ship industry, increased, the production of the enterprise, but inevitably will use to mining, machinery is how to increase increasingly, the relevant enterprises are also increasingly mechanized equipment, such as driving, cranes, etc., but these devices also inevitable need sliding contact line, this paper introduces the next if rely on see, touch and intuitive means to discern the stand or fall of sliding contact line.

We call it a safe sliding contact line, which we call a slip line. After more than ten years of development, the researchers at home and abroad by the slip line in practice for statistics and analysis, it is concluded that a lot of the technical specifications of the sliding contact line, each customer can according to the index of the contrast, to discern the stand or fall of sliding contact line.

The quality of the slip line of the crane can be measured by the following standard:

First we critical sliding contact line of the carbon brush, carbon brush sliding contact line is one of the most important accessories, is generally not long service life of carbon brush, belong to the consumable items, her life is affected by the use frequency and the use distance, distance influence equipment maintenance period, so we in the use of the sliding contact line of driving device, we will strictly pay attention to the driving range of sliding contact line, it's like the locomotive car, average life expectancy and is directly proportional to the distance. Then we have to observe the appearance of sliding contact line, there are a lot of specifications, the sliding contact line is normal, have corrosion, abrasion, high temperature resistance and so on sliding contact line, we must according to the use of sliding contact line environment to choose suits own sliding contact line. Epidermis sliding contact line is sliding shell quality, suitable temperature, environment, etc., such as: the sun cannot insolate, not too cold in winter, the long time need not when must pay attention to the reasonable collection, prevent the weathering and so on.

The performance of the slider is mainly from the life of the wheel, the design of the turning wheel, and the ability of the collector to meet all kinds of conditions. Special attention should be paid to the problem of slopes and downhill slopes, and to pay attention to the design of the turn wheel and the special handling of the collector's bite on different driving routes.

The problem of expansion is to consider the expansion problem after a length of more than 100 meters.

In the process of using crane slip line, must pay attention to the problem of voltage drop, according to all kinds of copper bar length voltage drop is different, and then after the installation of crane slip line to appropriate adjustments, ensure the normal order of the crane slip line, the use of high efficiency.

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