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The Limit Device Of Overhead Crane
- Nov 01, 2017 -

Safety and reliability requirements are also high, single girder bridge crane is no exception. For the sake of safety, there will be a safety switch on the trolley of the bridge crane, while the car and the main hook are provided with a safety limit switch and an electromagnetic lock system, which effectively protects the safe operation of the crane.Overhead Crane

In the bridge Crane's limit device above contains the crossbeam, the trolley, the main hook and so on limit switch, in which the direct motion type stroke switch, it is through the moving object to collide the movable part to make its contact head to connect or disconnect, thus realizes the circuit unimpeded. In the work process, the crane is not always in the starting state, belonging to the intermittent machine, non-stop start or stop, so in the bridge crane lifting mechanism, operating mechanism, rotating mechanism are equipped with a specific braking device, so as to prevent the bridge crane accidents.Overhead Crane

Travel Limit switch: To limit the motor-driven machinery in a certain range of operation, to prevent motor-driven mechanical offside accident. Emergency switch: Installed in the driver's cab, in case of accident or emergency, so that the driver can easily and quickly cut off the power of the control line. Door Cabin Safety switch: installed in the door and hatch, to prevent someone up and down the crane or to go to the crane to work, the driver blind transmission accident. Fuse: Protection control circuit short circuit.Overhead Crane

Railings: In order to protect the safety of staff, prevent careless fall accident. In the outer side of the walking table, the end beam and the trolley are fitted with no less than 1m railings. Bezel: Carts and trolleys run on both sides of the end of the bezel is to prevent the vehicle, car offside accident; the trolley sliding contact baffle is to prevent the hook swinging offside occurrence electric shock accident.Overhead Crane

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