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The Normal And New Normal State Of Crane
- Sep 28, 2017 -

Abnormal development of malpractice

There are a wide range of engineering cranes, including a variety of special high-altitude vehicles, which are commonly used in engineering areas such as truck cranes, all-terrain cranes, crawler cranes, tower cranes, lorry cranes, off-road tires and other special areas , Ladder fire engines, marine cranes, offshore platform cranes, ring cranes and so on.

Over the past 10 years, China's engineering crane industry has experienced extraordinary development, only 10 years to complete the developed country crane 30 years of development. Over the past 10 years, the crane products are technically practicable, contrary to the concept of intellectual property protection, which led to serious product homogeneity. In the next 15 years to 25 years, enterprises should continue to increase research and development efforts to achieve the product from the excellent gorgeous transformation. In this process, enterprises not only to solve the reliability of the product and other key technical issues, but also to further enhance the quality of service products.

In the past 10 years of extraordinary development, professional and technical personnel impetuous, frequent flow, and some technical experts even in a year was removed between several companies. Frequent flow of talent, resulting in serious homogenization of products, differentiated. The next 10 years, the difference in the product there is a huge play space, enterprises only increase investment in personnel training to solve the problem of frequent flow of talent in order to really seize this opportunity. Over the past 10 years, companies in the technological transformation and expansion of capacity into a lot of money. Almost crazy way of selling, overdraft the future market, the next 10 years, companies will inevitably encounter financial pressure.

The next 10 years, China's agricultural machinery will be faster development, farming machinery, planting machinery, harvesting machinery will be alive. Small agricultural special machinery is a low-end products, technical content is not high, the main plant is fully capable of manufacturing. The future of small agricultural special machinery still has a broad technology to enhance and expand the market space, the enterprises can be incorporated into their respective industrial chain. For the lack of key parts of the status quo, the proposed OEM through the merger and reorganization of core components enterprises, to achieve a comprehensive improvement in the quality of key components to solve the problem of key parts of the hollow technology. New normal development Imagine

2012 - 2015 this three years, the construction machinery industry as a whole experienced a winter. China Manufacturing 2025 plan promulgated and implemented, to the overall machinery industry has brought new opportunities, the Internet +, large data, O2O to the construction machinery industry provides a good business model and product development platform. For the field of engineering cranes, industry 4.0 is only the beginning, to go through this road should take 30 years. Along with all the way for the development of the industry to provide a broad application space, farmland water conservancy, railways, highways and airports and other infrastructure construction for the development of engineering cranes to provide a source of power.

The future of enterprises should be fierce competition to inclusiveness, cooperation, win-win situation, build a new strategic cooperative relations, and jointly explore the international market. These include: to further strengthen the political and industrial research industry chain collaborative innovation concept, and actively promote the integration of key components and OEMs, through industrial restructuring, capital restructuring and value to enhance the competitiveness of Chinese brands in the world. Through the reconstruction of technology, manufacturing, sales and service of global integration goals, through intelligent, digital, lean to enhance product performance and reliability, to enhance the competitiveness of the product market.

At present, the engineering crane exports less than 10% of industry output, in some product areas, or even blank. For the new normal, the domestic engineering crane enterprises in the field, especially to lead the large enterprises should pay attention to innovative talents and product technology research and development, improve product reliability and comprehensive cost-effective, in order to achieve the Chinese brand to lead the world's goal.

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