5 Ton Gantry Crane Use In Factory

5 Ton Gantry Crane Use In Factory

5 ton gantry crane use in factory is widely used in open warehouses, material stocks area, cement plant, granite industry, construction industry, engineering industry, railway station to lifting and load, unloading goods. This type adopts the U model door frame, with a big clearance between the...

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5 ton gantry crane use in factory is widely used in open warehouses, material stocks area, 

cement plant, granite industry, construction industry, engineering industry, railway station to lifting 

and load, unloading goods. This type adopts the U model door frame, with a big clearance between 

the two legs and a big span. The service life of this crane can be  above 20 years.

1.Light duty single beam gantry crane

2.Lifting mechanism is electric trolley/hoist; it can equip with hook, bucket, grab, magnetic

   chuck and other lifting tools!

3.Spare parts: It can equip with two hooks, one main hook and one secondary hook!

4.Beam: It is composed of bridge frame, trolley, cart operating mechanism and electric equipment. 

   The crane girder is produced without welding; it makes the beam much more strength!

5.Usage: It is applicable to transferring, assembling, check and repair as well as load and unload 

various materials!

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