Yacht Lift Gantry Crane

Yacht Lift Gantry Crane

yacht lift gantry crane

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yacht lift gantry crane 

The key point of yacht lift gantry crane design

One of the key points - the maximum load exceeds 120% of the rated load

It guarantees that it is very safe to lift the yacht within the weight of the load. Equipment that exceeds the rated load is restricted from lifting, so when the machine itself estimates the tonnage of the yacht incorrectly, the equipment will not be lifted, so as to avoid accidents of overweight!

The second key point - independent controllable lifting point position, lifting according to the yacht lifting point, precise operation

The design conforms to the design requirements of the ship type. The hull position of the lifting point is marked and easy to operate. Each lifting point can be independently adjusted to control the distance of the sling and the level of the hull.

The third key point - the supporting, unsqueezing care yacht lift gantry crane

The sling lifting method is similar to lifting the hull, without squeezing the hull, and there is no squeezing of the hull by the ordinary one-arm hoist.

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