Concrete Beam Launcher

Concrete Beam Launcher

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concrete beam launcher

The bridge concrete beam launcher machine is a steel structure prefabricated beam type hoisting, which has wide operation range, excellent performance, convenient operation and safe structure. Erect the equipment. Main structural features The main beam adopts a four-sided truss structure, welded with steel plates and steel plates, and has good wind resistance.

This product is suitable for mountain road construction and can meet the requirements of large slope, small radius curve bridge, 45 degree inclined bridge and tunnel bridge erection. Also, it is more convenient in places with good plain construction conditions. This product is used at -20 °C -40 °C, no fire, no explosion, no corrosive medium environment

FAQ about concrete beam launcher

How can I get a precise crane offer?

A.To providing you a precise crane offer efficiently, please kindly provide details as following:

*a). Lifting capacity; material weight(unit as tonnage)

*b). Lifting height; (unit as meter)

*c). Crane span; the width of inquired crane(unit as meter)

d). Crane traveling length; when rail track/runway beam needed, traveling length shall be provided.

e). Working power; power source at site(unit as voltage, phase and Hz)

* with red is mean necessary for offering solution.


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