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How To Ensure The Stability Of The Gantry Frame Body?(二)
- Jun 08, 2018 -

5. The gantry frame fixed by the cable wind rope and ground anchor connection method (refer to the low frame gantry frame and the elevated gantry frame shall not be fixed by cable wind rope under any circumstances). Common problems include:

a. The diameter of the cable wind rope is less than 9.3cm.

b. The sag of the cable wind rope is greater than 0.01L (L is the length of the cable wind rope), the pre-tightening force does not meet the requirements, and no adjustment parts are installed.

c. The angle between the cable wind rope and the ground can not meet the requirements of 45° to 60°, or even if the included angle meets the requirements, but due to the unreasonable distribution of the spatial position of the four cable wind ropes, it is caused on the frame structure. The horizontal force cannot be in balance, and it can not achieve the purpose of stabilizing the frame. 

d. The forms and practices of ground anchors are generally not standardized. Giving the gantry stability poses a security risk. 

e. The number of rope cards of the cable wind rope is insufficient, the direction of the rope card is incorrect, and the rope cards are not installed according to the specified spacing (6 to 8 times the rope diameter).

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