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Rapid Detection Method For Electrical Faults Of Bridge Cranes(二)
- Jun 15, 2018 -

6, operation controller motor can only move in one direction

Cause of fault: The stator and stator static and dynamic contacts of the controller are not closed, and the terminal limit fault.

Remedy: Check the controller contacts, make them in good contact, handle or replace limit switches. 

7, limit device failure

Cause: The limit switch is open or the circuit is connected incorrectly.

Remedy: Repair or replace the limit switch and wire it correctly.

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8, the motor load capacity is low, the speed is slow

Cause of failure: The brake is not fully loosened, and the starting resistance in the rotor circuit is completely removed.

Remedy: Adjust the brake so that it works properly, check the adjustment controller contacts or resistors and peripheral circuits to eliminate the malfunction. 

9, the main power supply system failure

Cause of the fault: faulty power supply line.

Remedy: If there is a power failure caused by the trolley wire, the conduit is obviously deformed and the receiver cannot be moved. The side of the brush is scratched and there are granular pits on the surface. When the working pipe is shaken too much, the brush wears too fast and the appliance slides. There is a loud sound and the shell scratches. The reason is that the deformation caused by inappropriate installation of the guide rails is caused by the thermal expansion caused by the excessively high ambient temperature, the phenomenon of jamming, the incorrect installation and positioning deviation of the power receiver, and the like. 

10, damage to the main motor or other motors

Failure reason: The quality of the electronic components in the electrical system is unqualified, resulting in poor mechanical reliability, coil heating, poor suction and coil burnout; various protection relays of poor quality and damage, and sparks and melting, three-phase touch Point uneven spring pressure and shell rupture.

Remedy: Replace defective electrical components.

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