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KBK Aluminum Rail Light Crane Clean Room Applications
- Sep 21, 2017 -

According to DINENISO14644-1, the clean room divides the cleanliness according to the number of particles contained in the volume per unit volume in the air. The level of clean air is determined by measuring the concentration of the particles. If the measured particle concentration is less than the specified concentration limit for the particle size, it is considered a standard.

The particles may be in solid or liquid form. For some particularly sensitive processes, such as the production of a single component used in the production of fat and oil evaporation, may also have adverse effects. Lifting devices and trolleys for clean rooms must be specially designed and manufactured so that they do not produce particles during operation, especially those that are damaged by friction, corrosion, or vibration. Demag classic DC electric chain hoist and aluminum alloy track composed of light cranes can be used in up to 10,000 clean room.

Aluminum alloy track used in clean room, aluminum alloy track surface by anodizing treatment, durable, to prevent the surrounding environment corrosion and shock, effectively avoid the crane due to corrosion particles. Aluminum alloy rails with low weight, light aluminum rail profiles and the smooth operation of the car, so that the crane is running very smoothly, just a little hard to allow the load to move quickly and brake, to avoid the crane due to vibration generated particles. KBK aluminum alloy rail cranes with high-quality nylon walking wheel, no special measures can be applied to clean room. Closed crane end beams to meet the requirements of 10,000 clean rooms:

Demag DC electric chain hoist brake with dual protection, standard products without the use of special options to meet the cleanliness of 100,000 clean room requirements. For the clean room, you need to take the following measures: two-component water-based varnish spray electric chain hoist, motor fan cover no varnish, hook nickel, hanger nickel, to support the casing to replace the height of the control cable The At the same time according to the customer's process conditions in the chain hoist and car under a plus a grease collection plate, grease collection plate for the maintenance of clean room equipment application crane non-standard, but for the clean room production process material handling crane must be equipped.

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