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Design Of Jib Crane
- Sep 30, 2017 -

In the design theory, still based on the principle of steel structure design, its foundation is still theoretical mechanics, material mechanics, structural mechanics, reliability theory and so on. In the design method, China is still based on experience design, imitation design, which is inseparable from China's science and technology system. Abroad in the design principles to carry out a series of work, with a design system with intellectual property rights. In the design and calculation means, from the foreign calculation of information, hand and computer computing combined, and more attention to the manual; all by the computer graphics.Jib Crane

Boom selection of high-performance materials so that the weight of the boom tower crane lighter, can increase the speed and efficiency. To large-scale development, especially steel installation and defense needs large tonnage hoisting, a substantial crane, modular design and disassembly design. Increasingly compact design. Minimize the volume, especially to reduce the balance arm length, the purpose is to reduce the tail rotation radius, expand its working range.Jib Crane To maximize the tower crane structure is simple, as far as possible to reduce the force transmission route and improve the transmission path to improve its structural reliability, improve the processing technology and reduce manufacturing costs. Choose a good structure and manufacturing process, so that the power flow in accordance with the shortcut from the load attached to the point of support, so that the number of transmission rods as much as possible to reduce and ensure smooth flow, to avoid stress concentration. Humanized design is a new concept of design philosophy, the idea is to design culture in the category, to enhance people's values, respect for human nature and social needs, change the past to the technical content as product development and deepening The logo is based on man-made design thinking.Jib Crane

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