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Safety Use Of Lifting Clamshell And The Standard Of Maintenance And Repair
- Dec 14, 2017 -

Technical provisions for safe use of lifting clamshell

(1) in the use of the grab with the grab goods, the different numbered clamps are used for different bulk materials, and the operation department shall change the grab in time after receiving the production task.

(2) in the time of delivery and every half of the work class, the driver should check the grab bucket every time, and find that the damage should be reported to the maintenance department in time for repair or replacement, and no failure operation should be allowed.

(3) in use, the driver should obey the command of the central control and the designated personnel, and strictly prohibit the collision of the grab board and the loading plate of the unloading machine.

Maintenance standards for lifting gripper

After a long term use of the grab, one of the following situations shall be discontinued:

(1) a weld crack accumulates 200mm in the dipper structure, the side plates are deformed, multiple tears are torn, the bottom plate is bent, the deformation is raised, and the cutting edge of the blade is not suitable for the working conditions.

(2) the poles are severely bent and deviate from the center line of 100mm, of which two of them have been broken and welded twice.

(3) the metal structure in the head and other parts is seriously cracked and the pin hole is badly worn.

(4) the edge of the blade is 16Mn material, and the welding part is polished by the clamping of the friction welding rod, and the welding part should be done in time.

(5) the wire rope breaking of the grab wire and the excessive wear and tear.

(6) damage of parts, affecting safe production and grasping of goods

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