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The Crane Should Prevent Bumping During Operation
- Dec 22, 2017 -


During the working process of crane, it prevents bumping and the crane safety operation rules stipulates that lifting the steel wire rope should pass the center of gravity of the hanging object and keep it vertical. If slanting, not only will cause the overload to pull the wire rope, but also will cause the weight to sway the object and the personnel, causing the personal and equipment accident.

If you want to lift weights from the ground to be Q, vertical lifting, wire rope tension S can get out of the ground as long as Q or slightly greater than Q.

But if the slant, the wire rope will be in a corner with the vertical line of the ground. According to the principle of mechanics, the tension S on the wire rope can be decomposed into the force P and the force F that makes the object vertical upward, so that the object must be suspended from the ground. P at least is equal to Q.

At the same time F increases as the Angle increases. In other words, the larger the Angle of the slanting, the greater the force of the wire rope when hanging the same heavy object. Therefore, if a heavy weight is full load at the vertical lifting, then the inclined crane must be overloaded, and even the accident that the wire rope is pulled off.

In addition, the horizontal component of F, which is produced when the slant is inclined, is also affected by the friction force when the weight is out of the ground. In a flash of the ground, the object will swing toward the center of the vertical center, which may cause an accident with hanging people, nearby workers or other objects.

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