Trackless Electric Flat Car

Trackless Electric Flat Car

trackless electric flat car

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Trackless electric flat car

The trackless electric flat car, also known as the trackless flatbed, the trackless electric flat car, the electric flat car, the trolleyless car, the wheeled transporter, is a wheeled handling device that can be arbitrarily controlled by manual control, and belongs to the electric flat car. A special type of car.

This type of vehicle is often used for cross-transportation in multiple workshops. Compared with the track flat car, the trolley car is separated from the track, which realizes the flexibility and liberalization of the action operation; it is faster and more convenient in the material transportation of the factory site and the workshop, saving time, improving efficiency and reducing cost.

The trackless electric flat car has the advantage of 360° flexible turning, and is equipped with buttons for forward, backward, left and right turn, speed regulation, emergency stop, abnormal light indication, power light indication, and authority key. This model wins the favor of customers with its simple operation, stable turning and easy maintenance.


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