Gantry Crane Bridge Construction

Gantry Crane Bridge Construction

We provide 100t gantry crane bridge construction,If you have other needs, you can contact us and we will respond Immediately.

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Gantry crane bridge construction

After the assembly of the gantry crane bridge construction, some inspection and inspection items before the trial operation are completed.

    1. Check the tightening of the bolts of each part. No bolts can be ignored.

    2. The pin end pin should be open.

    3. Whether the hydraulic system oil level meets the requirements.

    4. Whether the hydraulic system pipeline is loose or leaking.

    5. Whether the lubricating oil of each reducer meets the requirements for use.

    6. Whether the electrical system is reliable, safe, and operation-free.

    7. Whether the lifting beam wire rope meets the requirements and the condition of the hoist wire rope.

    8. Whether the limit switch and the bell are normal.

    9, with the car tools, tools are complete.

    10. Whether the motor brake part is reliable and normal.


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