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Explosion-proof Lifting Of Electric Hoist
- Oct 23, 2017 -

Explosion-proof electric hoist is the latest explosion-proof standard design and manufacture of explosion-proof lifting equipment, its explosion-proof form of "flameproof type", the gourd of the explosion-proof parts using a special spark-free materials made, explosion-proof performance safe and reliable.Electric Hoist 

Products through the Ministry of Machinery industry explosion-proof electrical products quality supervision and inspection center of the explosion-proof performance testing, and issued an explosion-proof certificate. Explosion-proof electric hoist has the advantages of light weight, small volume, large lifting capacity. Electric hoist should be responsible for operation, before use must carry out no-load test, check the control button, the limit of the work is sensitive and reliable, wire rope bending, knotting, protruding and wire rope in reel winding is normal, the braking is reliable, there is no abnormal sound during operation.Electric Hoist Must be used at rated load, do not overload the operation, or make the wire rope impact, the lifting of the rope must maintain the vertical degree, strictly prohibit the tilt lifting or along the ground to drag goods; walk, start to be smooth, avoid sudden stop or hang suspended in the air for a long time after work, Hook must be raised to 2 meters above the ground or will be hanging blue landing, and cut off the power, the button placed in the electric hoist directly below, can be left; electric hoist in the running 3 months should be changed to grease once, the oil must be replaced when the oil, and appropriate replacement, can inject new oil.Electric Hoist

Each bearing run for one year should be inspected and added with grease, The wire rope reel is coated with oil every month, always keep the surface of the equipment clean and electrical good insulation performance, timely operation, shutdown, accident, maintenance records, etc. the newly installed steel wire rope cannot go directly into the full speed rated load operation, first must carry on the light load low speed "the adaptability operation" Before you can increase the load increase speed into normal operation.Electric Hoist

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