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Assembly Parts Of Jib Crane
- Nov 01, 2017 -

According to the different structure of the walking device, it can be divided into three kinds: automobile crane, Tyre crane and crawler crane. The method of compiling the product model is: Mechanical car hoisting code for Q, hydraulic code for QY, mechanical tyre crane codenamed QL, hydraulic type qly, mechanical crawler crane codenamed QU, hydraulic type Quy. Self-propelled jib cranes are equipped with walking devices and have good flexibility, and are widely used in the field of road and bridge construction site such as mobile and installation work.Jib Crane

The components installed at the top of the wind turbine are implemented by large movable cranes, which are also responsible for the maintenance of these components. It is difficult to transport these large cranes to the site, the assembly cycle is long, the workload is large, and the leasing cost is quite expensive.Jib Crane

Wind turbine top from the ground has 70m~ 105m, this high wind speed, cranes are susceptible to wind speed, often appear due to high wind speed and unable to work normally.Jib Crane

Because of these characteristics, the automobile crane has developed rapidly in recent years with the rapid development of the automobile industry, the variety and output of the automobile cranes in various countries have great development. But the car crane body is longer, the turning radius is big (because of the car chassis limit).Jib Crane

The tyre crane is a crane which installs the lifting work device and the equipment on the specially designed tire chassis. Because its chassis is specially designed, its wheelbase, track and dimensions can be reasonably arranged according to the requirements of the overall design.Jib Crane

In addition, it has strong climbing ability, good traction performance, can carry driving, and can use additional device to realize a more than one machine, so the large crawler crane with weight greater than 100t occupies an important position in the bridge construction, and the lifting capacity of the largest crawler crane in the world is up to 3000t. But the crawler crane itself is of high quality, low driving speed (1~5km/h), and destruction of road surface. As a result, light crawler cranes (below 100t) have gradually been replaced by the fast and convenient hydraulic truck cranes.Jib Crane

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