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Method For Preventing Wire Rope Electric Hoist Reducer From Falling
- Jul 13, 2018 -

Eliminate the safety hazard of the equipment from the source, so that the wire rope can not be detached from the reel and wrap into the gap between the reel and the reduction gear box, such as adding a rope stop device at the end of the reel or reducing the gap between the casing and the end of the reel Wait. The main cause of the electric hoist gearbox fall accident is caused by the fracture of the stud bearing platform of the reduction gear box. Except for the wire rope that is involved in the gap between the reel and the reduction box, the stud of the deceleration box stud will be broken. The top of the hook will deform the casing, which will also cause the stud of the reduction box to break. Therefore, it should be improved. The tensile strength of the reduction box, such as replacing its material with cast steel, increasing the transition fillet, increasing the wall thickness or improving the design.


The rope guide and lifting height limiter (broken goods) are very important safety protection devices on the electric hoist. During the use, it is necessary to ensure the safety device is reliable and effective. If the safety device is found to be damaged or fails, stop working immediately until the device returns to a safe state.


The use unit shall establish and improve the safety management rules and regulations for special equipment, and strictly follow the rules. The crane operator shall hold a special equipment operation certificate, and the crane operator shall wear complete labor protection articles and carry out routine maintenance and daily inspection of the wire rope electric hoist according to regulations.

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