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Motor Power And Speed Of Electric Hoist
- Nov 01, 2017 -

First electric hoist motor should be more than ordinary industrial motor has a strong intermittent cycle of operating characteristics, according to the load duration, number of contacts, lifting times as an important parameter of motor selection. Electric hoist motor should have better lifting torque and overload capacity.Electric Hoist 

Electric hoist motor with smaller rotor moment of inertia, larger rotor length-diameter ratio, less sight braking. Electric hoist on the motor should have the maximum safety speed is the rated speed of several times, in general, the synchronous speed of about 2.5 times times. Electric hoist motor should be adapted to different working temperature and humidity, and should have a minimum of 2 grades of insulation grade.Electric Hoist

Lifting speed: General Electric hoist speed is divided into one-speed (8m/min) and two-speed (8/0.8m/min) Two kinds, usually in the absence of special requirements of the case of a single speed electric hoist (that is, CD1 type), such as your working conditions require the process of lifting heavy weights need to pinpoint the case, Easy to choose two-speed electric hoist (that is, MD1 type), in general, the speed of ascension determines your efficiency, the more high-speed electric hoist, the more you can improve your efficiency.Electric Hoist

Motor power: Different electric hoist used by the motor is not necessarily the same, the same 10t electric hoist motor may be 13KW or 7.5KW, customers can according to their own different needs to buy. Installation: Electric hoist is divided into electric trolley-type (that is, electric hoist can lift both up and down) and fixed type (only up and down lifting heavy weights), fixed type can be divided into fixed (A1) and lower fixed (A2), the user can choose according to your actual situation suitable for your installation mode of electric hoist.Electric Hoist

To distinguish the quality of electric hoist generally use from the following aspects to determine, before the goods are not seen in the procurement stage, generally ask the first to know the origin of electric hoist, material, motor model, and electric hoist brand and price.Electric Hoist

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