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Precautions For Safe Use Of Metallurgical Electric Hoist
- Jan 17, 2018 -

(1) the electric hoist shall not be used to lift heavy loads on the side, and it shall be prohibited from overloading.

(2) in use process, the operator should check whether there is a disorderly buckle rope, tie a knot, groove, the phenomenon such as wear and tear, if there should be ruled out in time, and often should check whether the guide line and limit switch is safe and reliable;

(3) in the daily work, it is not necessary to use the limiter to stop the weight lifting or stop the equipment operation;

(4) after the working of the metallurgical electric hoist, turn off the main power switch and cut off the main power supply;


(5) special maintenance personnel should be set up weekly to check the main performance and safety status of electric hoist, and find out the failure in time;

(6) the brake ring on the motor fan brake wheel shall not be covered with oil scale, and the adjusting nut should be tightened so as not to cause an accident due to braking failure;

(7) the lubricating parts of electric calabash should be lubricated in a timely manner, and the lubricating oil should be cleaned without any other impurities;

(8) when the electric hoist is not working, it is not allowed to suspend the weight in the air to prevent permanent deformation of the parts;

(9) it is forbidden to press two buttons in the opposite direction at the same time, while others can be manipulated at the same time;

(10) metallurgical electric hoist maintenance lifting gear reducer is disassembled shall not use such as joint face, with flat screwdriver, application of wooden hammer knock gently enclosure bulge, lest destroy the box body and box cover sealing surface.

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