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What Are The Troubleshooting Steps In The Elevator Lift?
- Jan 24, 2018 -

1. When the elevator lift after the indicator lights, such as electricity, press the up button, motor rotation and lift platform does not rise, this may be a reversal of three-phase power supply after the motor, just any article in lifting two phase line can!

2. The hydraulic elevator elevator should carry out the carrying work strictly according to the regulations, otherwise it may cause damage to people or things!

3. When using the lift, you must first hit the expense leg, and the unspent leg should be strictly prohibited!

4. Use the lift to hear whether the lift has made an abnormal noise. If so, stop using it immediately so as not to cause serious damage to the lift.


5. If there is a malfunction in the lift, the non-electrical professional shall not disassemble the electrical appliances at will, in case of false connection or electric shock!

6. The lifting machine is strictly tested when it leaves the factory. If the non-manufacturer adjusts the pressure regulating valve arbitrarily, it may cause the system to operate improperly! Therefore, non-professional staff must not adjust the pressure regulating valve arbitrarily!

7. If there was a problem in the interior of the elevator, hydraulic cargo lift and electrical professional personnel are present, when disassembling any part of the hydraulic system, should be in complete purging pressure under the condition of maintenance!

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