Small Overhead Cranes

Small Overhead Cranes

small overhead cranes

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small overhead cranes specifications:

small overhead cranes has the characteristics of reasonable structure and strong rigidity. The whole machine is used together with CD1, MD1, and HC electric hoists and is a light and small lifting machine. Its lifting weight is 1t-32t. The span is 7.5-22.5m, working level is A3-A5, working temperature is -25-40°C.

small overhead cranes are widely used in workshops, warehouses and stockyards of machinery manufacturing workshops, metallurgy workshops, petroleum, petrochemical, ports, railways, civil aviation, power stations, papermaking, building materials, and electronics industries. It has the advantages of compact dimensions, low building clearance, light weight, and low wheel pressure. The main models of electric single beam are LDA electric single girder crane, LD electric single girder crane, HD electric single girder crane, LX type electric single girder suspension crane, SDXQ manual single girder suspension crane and single beam grab crane.

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